As a mom to two adorable girls, I've become an expert at the art of attitude! Interestingly enough, both my daughters having very different personalities and a decent age gap (nearly five years), are very similar in their attitude flavors. I suppose there is a fairly good possibility that characteristic came from my chromosome offerings.

The upside to this is that it has allowed me to think outside the box and test new approaches to connect. I've done this in nearly every aspect of life, both my kids and my own. The products I share are ones I use myself, so you can be confident that you will be getting the best!

My background is in IT; I graduated from Central Michigan University, though I've only used bits and pieces of my degree. I still am happy to have completed it, along with a couple of random associate degrees. Can we say indecisive? BUT, this also explains my curiosity in nearly every aspect of my life, which makes me an excellent fit for discovering new and unique ways to help make everyday life easier, one task at a time!