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The Lady Behind the Shop

Jessica here, founder of Follow My Arrow Designs along with Follow My Arrow - A Lifestyle Blog. As a lifelong Michigander, I have a special passion for the Great Lakes and all of it's hidden treasures which also tends to translate into more creations from gems I find while exploring.

I've been doin' what I do (crafting and such ;) for years but made it a business in 2016. I tend to forget that not everyone has a passion for crafting and a simple creation to me is seen as a must-have purchase from someone else. So, in addition to the many craft shows and marketplaces I grace, you can now find me on my website AND Etsy!

My creations tend to run the gamut, from graphic design to leather goods to paper crafts, nothing is off limits (yep, I have an obsession, LOL). As a country girl at heart, I find peace in the outdoors and this often translates in the materials I use and styles I create. So, if you are a boho, rustic, farmhouse, coffee lovin fein, you're in the right place!

A bit more about me... I have an IT background (CMU grad, go CHIPS!) and a need to create whether it is in the kitchen baking or bedroom quilting. This store is so much more than a business to me, it's a passion and one that I'm pretty good at if I do say so myself!

Take some time to peruse my listings and don't be afraid to reach out with a special request or questions, I'm always happy to accommodate and there is a very good chance I already have what you are looking for in my show stock :)

Find out even more about me here.

Thanks for stopping by!