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A Year Of Inspiration - Help your kids aspire for more one day at a time.

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A Year of Inspiration is an easy-to-use, self-affirming binder that is intended to serve as a getaway from everyday stresses. As parents, it is easy to forget that our children see and hear much more than we realize, and while that is part of life, doing what we can to alleviate any additional pressure for them in the form of self-doubt, anxiety, and confidence struggles is our duty as parents.


The binder has been built to include bite-size tasks...



An affirmation that allows them to not only read it but write it. They will find a Mind Clear & question area where they can note their mood. The questions are basic and meant to be fun, just a way to remove their mind from whatever they may have brought with them during their mind-clearing exercise.



Challenges that are based on the word of the month. You'll find areas to take notes, brain dump, and doodle as well as and games to play and coloring pages all based on that same word of the month. At the end of each week, you will find a week in review where your child will be able to look back and reflect on both good and bad events that may have happened.



Every month begins with an undated calendar, so you can use this binder now and in the future. A quote is included on each calendar to give an idea of what the month's theme may be. At the end, you'll find an optional Monthly Reflection which allows for a deep dive exercise into one or more lessons learned from the prior weeks. It's a great opportunity to teach a new or better outcome on a negative situation that could happen again in the future. The final pages are the memories of the month. Here is where you can document and reflect on events that were experienced. It's also created so that you can simply remove these pages and compile all of the months for a year in review, but I will talk more about that shortly :)

My goal through this binder is to help your kids find a better mind space and maintain healthy self-esteem daily, all while keeping it upbeat and fun!


What you can expect for them...


  • find better mind space through daily mind-clearing
  • enjoy positive affirmations boosting self-confidence and worth
  • play fun games and color inspirational quotes
  • participate in weekly challenges based around the word of the month
  • reflect on weekly events and lessons learned
  • document monthly memories
  • "spill the beans" on some fun random questions.


And it's all included in a Year OF Inspiration binder!


The Story Behind It

A Year of Inspiration was created with my two girls in mind. Both struggle with self-doubt from time to time as I suspect most children and adolescents do. Unfortenitally, over the past year, which also happens to be our first experience with homeschooling, I noticed these negative views beginning to creep in more.


Thinking about this from the perspective of our youth, I imagined how I would view the happenings in our world today and ultimately deal with the changes and negativity I'm seeing, hearing, and feeling on a daily basis. It was during that reflection time I knew I needed to come up with a plan to both allow the feelings being had, whether negative or positive, as well as boost their self-perception. I'm focusing on self-perception because we are only truly in control of ourselves and taking the additional stress away from working to better the world as a whole, allowed them to put blinders on in a scene for just the few moments they work through this binder each day and step away from the brain smog to recenter on themselves.


With that in mind, I invite you to continue on and read through "How it WORKS" for an understanding of how it is set up and the function of each piece.