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My First Budget Binder - Money Master Training System

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Finances play an essential part in everyday life regardless of your age, so starting kids' money mastering journey off the right way with all of the vital tools needed is a must!

But, do your children find the thought of creating a budget boring? I'm sure they do! My kids have fought me every step of the way through this uninteresting topic that is so important in life.

Finally tired of the struggle, I created this fun & easy budget binder for my money masters in training. It has turned confusing processes such as tracking income, savings, and spending into simple calculations any child can master.

My system focuses on three key areas (Spending - Saving - Sharing) to keep it simple yet effective and includes the option to use a money envelope system for an added hands-on connection.

The Budget Binder includes:

  • Monthly Goals Tracker
  • Monthly Calander
  • Monthly Budget Overview
  • Goal Planner
  • Goal Steps
  • 8 Money Envelope Templates
  • 6 Bucket Templates
  • 14 Savings Fund Countdowns
  • Savings Tracker
  • Income Tracker
  • Spending Tracker
  • Needs Vs. Wants Worksheet

Even better, The My First Budget Binder was designed with flexibility in mind. You will find options to rearrange the binder layout to fit your child's needs as well as envelope style choices.

Take time to decide how to best utilize the resources included. There is no wrong way to use this binder. You can print duplicate pages if necessary, omit others, simply make it custom to your situation. The only goal here is to enjoy and Make Every Penny Count!

Set your child up for success from the start!