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The Homeschooler's Chore Board Printable Card Pack

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Chores don't have to be a daily struggle with your children anymore, and you CAN teach essential life skills without a battle. My Homeschooler's Chore Board Printable Card Pack takes the work out of these daily, weekly, and monthly tasks by neatly packaging them into a fun and straightforward contribution plan geared toward positivity and is suitable for children of all ages!


Life skills are an essential but commonly overlooked subject when educating our children. I'll be the first to admit that sometimes it is just easier (and usually faster) to do many tasks myself. But if you stop and think about where you learned (or didn't learn, I had some severe gaps myself), you'll discover that the ideal situation is when it occurs naturally through everyday life lessons. So, rather than a lesson that has no meaning, incorporate it into a day-to-day routine that allows your child to see that they are not just assignments but instead, responsibilities building toward their independence!


Homeschooling offers the near-perfect opportunity to incorporate these life lessons within the day-to-day curriculum. Using the Homeschooler's Chore Board Printable Card Pack makes it even easier to tailor to your family's specific needs with its fully customizable options.


What sorts of items am I referring to? Age-appropriate first and foremost, of course (you'll get my suggestions of chores by age included as a special bonus;), but within this chore chart, you will find:

  • Households cleaning & organizing
  • Meal prep & laundry
  • Indoor & outdoor plant care
  • Pet care
  • Lawn & garden maintenance
  • Seasonal chores from snow removal to pool cleaning
  • and much more!

This Chore Board can be customized to meet the size, age, and needs of your family. I've included over 55 daily, weekly, monthly, and "earn now" chore options that can be mixed and matched for each child. Plus, you will also find blank cards so you can create special chores specific to your family.




  • Chore Board Labels - Three options to choose from!
  • Child Name Labels - This is designed for a family of four, however, can easily accommodate more by simply printing additional copies of that page.
  • Category, Time of Day & Frequency Labels - Bonus Chores, Completed Chores, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.
  • Chore Cards - Cleaning, Household, Personal, Outdoor, Pet, Bonus/Earn Now, and Blank for you to personalize.
  • Routine Cards - Use these for those tasks that need to be completed each day but don't necessarily need a chore card. Items such as brushing your teeth and getting dress. These are mainly geared toward the younger kiddos that need a little extra reinforcement.
  • Reminder Cards - Similar to the Routine Cards but not a checklist. These can be kept where needed to remind your child what needs to be completed at different times of the day. For instance, we use a" Start of Day Tasks" card and "End of Day Tasks" card to reiterate the expectations of each child's school prep and day responsibilities.